M&A will always be part of any growth strategy. It’s becoming clear that integration issues should now be thought through and planned well before the deal is agreed. With finance people from all levels of the organisation needing to improve their integration capability.

 A good understanding of the financial aspects of post deal integration, planned pre-deal, through the negotiation process and then well into the post deal time period is a good way forward. The integration can be the pivotal part which changes M&A from failure to success.

Why this course

  • This two-day course covers M&A integration and separation, targeted towards CFO, Head of M&A and corporate development. Course participants will be exposed to first-hand experience in all aspects of post-deal integration, including integration strategies, corporate structure, synergy evaluation assessment and delivery, culture and communications, corporate alignment, integration for the finance department and financially integrating the company.
  • Our training course will help senior business professionals to prepare and adapt to working in M&A deal and post-deal environment when it comes to integration of departments, functions, groups, units, businesses and companies.

Why this course

  • Clarify the deal’s context and the desired outcomes
  • Determine the ideal future business structure and strategy
  • Assess the degree to which business integration is needed
  • Understand, evaluate and deliver synergies
  • Actively manage finance and the financial integration
  • Learn the M&A and integration process and how to integrate successfully
  • Understand the things that will delay or kill the integration
  • Evaluate the tools, techniques and process involvedLink strategy through planning to delivery

What is the course schedule?


Day 1 8.30 AM to 4.30 PM


  • M&A Integration strategy

    • Why mergers fail- defining success
    • integration strategies and transforming the business


    Planning the Integration Process:

    • Integration drivers-mobilization
    • momentum, governance
    • management and control


    Control and Process

    • Review tracking, control, governance and information during integration
    • Review assets and capability across businesses
    • Understand the need for integration, cost vs benefit
    • Integration and business structure

Day 2 8.30 AM to 4.30 PM


  • How to deliver a successful integration process

    • Understand systems: What do we have, what new data will be needed?
    • The finance plan covering all other integration plans
    • Plan resources: What additional knowledge or resource is needed?
    • Training Finance people and training the whole organisation for integration
    • Project management and tracking
    • Uncertainty, company productivity, “the profit dip”


    Business Functions

    • Understanding the people
    • Financial information, and systems: decision making
    • Increasing Revenue across the organisation
    • Customer and supplier focus – finance overlap with S&M
    • Cost cutting and efficiency across the business
    • Co-coordinating communications across finance and the business
    • Integrating the finance function
    • Finance role in the whole business integration

  • Who should attend?
  • The course will be of great benefit to those who might be involved with mergers, acquisitions or any sort of internal consolidation in the future; CEO, CFO, Corporate Finance Director, Head of M&A, Head of Strategy, Head of Business Development, Integration directors etc

  • Participants
  • The course will have a maximum of 12 people who will be selected based on the type of business they are in and their job role to ensure a thorough mix of industries, ideas and experience.

  • Training Style
  • The programme is designed to enhance learning through group and individual cases and exercises. There are a number of opportunities to practice techniques and evaluate skill levels. The programme will be supported with handouts and post course references. The design of each course will provide for each participant’s preferred learning style and optimize experiential learning processes.



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