Budgeting and Cost Control is just a requirement for modern organizations. Effective Forecasting, Budgeting and Cost Control will improve and maximise your budgeting plans to meet up with competitive business expectations.

 This Budget and Cost Control training course will assist you to master the internal tools for coming up with and watching activities and sustaining performance over time.


Why this course

  • Planning and budgeting are must-have skills for all professionals regardless of their function or managerial level. This course covers the concept of budgeting as a planning tool, a financial device and a control mechanism. In addition, it provides the necessary application of a long and short-term planning decisions.

What to expect

  • Defend the importance of linking an organization’s budget with its strategic plan
  • Demonstrate how the budget relates to the key financial statements: balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow
  • Prepare the key elements of an operating and capital budget and evaluate the different budgeting approaches used
  • Apply cost control tools, analyze management variance reports and take proper corrective action
  • Calculate different capital budgeting evaluation techniques as included in a capital expenditure proposal
  • Utilize cost-volume-profit analysis in making budgeting decisions

What is the course schedule?


Day 1 8.30 AM to 4.30 PM


  • Interpreting Financial statements
  • Planning and budgeting
  • Cost control
  • The key financial statements

Day 2 8.30 AM to 4.30 PM


  • Budgeting: process and approaches
  • Capital budgeting
  • Applying cost-volume-profit analysis
  • Utilize breakeven analysis

  • Who should attend?
  • The course will be of great benefit to managers, supervisors and analysts who prepare or use management budgets. It will also be of benefit to those who might be involved with mergers, acquisitions or any sort of internal consolidation in the future; CEO, CFO, Corporate Finance Director, Head of M&A, Head of Strategy, Head of Business Development, Integration directors etc.

  • Participants
  • The course will have a maximum of 10 people who will be selected based on the type of business they are in and their job role to ensure a thorough mix of industries, ideas and experience.

  • Training Style
  • The programme is designed to enhance learning through group and individual cases and exercises. There are a number of opportunities to practice techniques and evaluate skill levels. The course will be supported with handouts and post course references and Tutor inputs will be aimed at giving direction and guidance to ensure effective learning, skill enhancement and attitudes to move with the times.

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