CIMA is the world’s leading, and largest, professional body of management accountants.  The CIMA Professional Qualification is recognized worldwide as the most relevant global finance qualification for a career in business.

On completion of the CIMA Professional Qualification, you will be awarded the Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA) designation, recognizing your value and showcasing your professionalism, business and leadership skills, ethics and commitment.

Program Structure


  • C1-   Fundamentals of Management Accounting
    C2-   Fundamentals of Financial Accounting
    C3-   Fundamentals of Business Mathematics
    C4-   Fundamentals of Business Economics
    C5-   Fundamentals of Ethics, Corporate Law


  • E1-   Enterprise Operations
    F1-   Financial Operations
    P1-   Performance Operations


  • E2-   Enterprise Management
    F2-   Financial Management
    P2-   Performance Management


  • E3-   Enterprise Strategy
    F3-   Financial Strategy
    P3-   Performance Strategy

Examination dates


  • Early November

  • Late November

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