The CFA qualification is undoubtedly the world’s most highly respected and challenging credential in the finance industry. The CFA charter has been considered the gold standard in investment for over 60 years for embodying the integrity, dedication and advanced skills needed to build a stronger, more accountable financial industry.

The CFA Charter Program is designed to equip you with the investment knowledge and ethical principles to excel in financial markets. As a measure of its global recognition, more than 119,000 CFA candidates from 165 countries sat for the CFA exam in June 2008. Without a doubt, earning your CFA charter will enhance your credibility and competitive advantage in the global workplace, as well as connecting you to a global network of over 80,000 charter holders. 


When you register with the CFA as a candidate, you are provided with original work books covering all modules and the CFA Program curriculum as part of their exam registration fee.

Program Structure

Level I

  • This exam focuses on knowledge and comprehension, with emphasis on the tools and inputs relating to investment valuation and portfolio management. Level I also introduce basic concepts regarding securities laws, regulations, and ethical and professional conduct. Expect a total of 240 multiple-choice questions divided between two sessions.

Level II

  • Analysis and application is the theme of this exam with an emphasis on asset valuation. You will be tested on the concepts learned at Level I relating to investment analysis and valuation as well as ethical and professional conduct. The Level II exam consists entirely of item-set questions, or “mini-cases” followed by six multiple choice questions.

Level III

  • The Level III exam is an in-depth review of the entire portfolio management process, and you must be able to apply concepts learned in Levels I and II. You will be required to have a firm grasp of how to apply the CFA.

    Institute Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct. This final exam includes both essay (“constructed response”) and item-set questions

Examination dates


  • June(Level I,II,III)

  • December(Level II,III)